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The World is Our Classroom

Discovery, exploration, travel and experience will always be your child’s greatest teacher.  Allow Florida International School to navigate your child’s educational journey.

Welcome to Florida International School

Our fully-virtual international school educates and empowers our students to create their own future, providing them with green educational resources that ensures that they can learn, discover, and explore anywhere the world takes them.

Learn Anywhere

Learn with and from students from around the world in one of our Global Google Classrooms

Parent Anywhere

We navigate your child’s academic journey and document their learning progress

Teach Anywhere

Our valued international team of educators lead lessons from their preferred destination

Serve Anywhere

Serve the surrounding community and a global audience and learn about global issues

Education is the most powerful weapon we have to save our planet.

Florida International School’s COVID Learning Recovery Plan Classes meet for 60 minutes, 4 days a week and get FULL access to our teachers and curriculum.

Affordably priced for families at $99/week.

Florida International School helps me grow, learn, and select my own career pathway independently.

– Aliza from Bangkok, Thailand
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A free one-month trial is available for all students ages 8-19. No credit card required.

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What our Students and Parents Say


Bangkok, Thailand

Florida International School helps me grow, learn, and select my own career pathway independently. I get the chance to be a mentor to younger students. During Nearpod lessons and through virtual reality, I continue to learn and discover many new things. I never imagined that I would get to learn, meet new people, and grow so much all from this small place that I live in. I basically get to explore the world from my home.


New York, USA

I love the freedom that FIS gives me while I’m learning. The assignments are much more engaging because we do more “hands on” projects, and our classes are more interactive than normal lessons from my old school. The best part about FIS is that the teachers feel more like caring mentors instead of classroom teachers. Plus, I also get to mentor students in our Primary School which is really exciting!

Kerri Deuel

Oregon, USA

It’s great that the kids get to connect with other kids and share their perspectives from around the country and the world. I love that even when our life changes and we move locations or time zones there are threads of both flexibility and consistency that stays with our children’s education.

Akmal Ammara

Karachi, Pakistan

Our child is learning, growing and discovering new innovations and how to keep our planet safe and how to protect it. She gets to work with such amazing teachers and students with great diversity and zero discrimination. We could never had expected her to be in a better environment for education than this.

The World is Our Classroom. Worldschool with FIS!