Florida International School - Career Based Learning System

Career Based Learning for the Global Learner

We prepare our students with the tools to succeed in their future through Career-Based Learning, a project-based approach to STEM education, and a collective of primary sources from the Smithsonian to share a complete history of humanity. We are tackling systemic inequalities by listening to some of the world’s most influential and diverse voices.

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Our Mission

Florida International School is a Google for Education approved distance learning school created with the 21st century learner in mind. FIS offers personalized career-based education, a project-based learning approach to STEM and environmental education, and an examination of primary sources to retell our human history.  We also use some of the most diverse voices to educate our students on the systemic inequalities many people face today. 

We do this all through a completely digital learning experience.  We’ve developed a safe, virtual education ecosystem that prepares learners with an entrepreneurial spirit to be successful in their chosen path in life.  We developed a forward thinking curriculum to prepare our students to succeed as kind, empathetic, and happy global citizens.

Member of the Cognia Network

Florida International School - Career Based Learning System

Florida International School is a member of the Cognia School Improvement Network seeking Digital Learning Accreditation. Learn more about Cognia and their program here.

A Twenty-First Century Curriculum

Florida International School provides our students with the greatest educational resources available today. We incorporate adaptive learning and interactive educational technology to engage our twenty-first century learners.

  • On-demand learning allows students to learn anywhere using Google Classroom
  • Data-driven reports help families identify their child’s strengths and ares of growth

  • Project-based courses let students explore and learn a topic that they are truly interested in

Our Values

KIND is our foundation and guiding principles which empowers the learners and teachers throughout Florida International School.

Florida International School - Career Based Learning System
Knowledge Is Power

In today’s digital society, information is everywhere. We aim to motivate students to seek the right information to cultivate thought and to take action. These lessons challenge students to think critically about issues that affect their day-to-day lives as well as their future. Being well-informed and seeking out the essential steps in becoming more knowledgeable about important topics that are affecting today’s society is an essential goal of the Kindest Generation.

Inspire Others
Making the world a better place starts with simple, individual acts of kindness. Those acts can be ordinary or extraordinary and can inspire one person or many. Heroes inspire others to do wonderful things and follow in their lead. These lessons focus on people from average citizens to famous icons who have inspired others to make a positive change in the world.
Never Give Up

Persistence is an essential attribute of a successful person. We believe in cultivating a “growth mindset” in children, so that they realize it is common to struggle with a concept or issue at school, in peer situations and in everyday life. Neurological research supports that the brain is very much like a muscle and needs exercise to grow. As such, it is not only okay for students to have a productive struggle while learning, but it is at those times when they are learning the most. To overcome these struggles, children need to learn “the power of yet,” to believe in themselves, and to never, ever give up.

Diversity is Strength

At a time where the media sensationalizes division and inequality, we hope to bring lessons to our youth proving that the greatest strength of our nation, and this planet, is our collective diversity. No child should feel inferior or superior to another, regardless of race, religion, gender or social status. These lessons spotlight diverse leaders and amazing stories from people of all backgrounds who have championed the fight for justice, equality and kindness.




Florida International School - Career Based Learning System

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