• Develop with family a personal learning program for each student (ie. suggest/approve online courses and projects, share service learning opportunities, etc.).

  • Download student reports from each lesson into student’s Google Drive.

  • Maintain a Google Classroom for all students under your care.

  • Report any bullying or harassment.

  • Recommend counseling options when needed.

  • Parents may request teachers and keep their current teacher for subsequent years.

  • Teachers may recruit and enroll students.

  • Teachers do not give letter grades or report cards, but are responsible for sharing data with parents in order to help them remain in compliance with homeschool law.


  • Minimum 2 years experience in the classroom (International experience preferred, but not required)

  • FBI background check

  • Experience with project-based learning and ePortfolio development

  • Professional Development expectations: (within first 2 years)

  • Completion of two Eduro Learning MicroCredentials

  • Google Certified Educator – Level One

  • Nearpod Certified Educator

  • Common Sense Media Certified Educator

  • Familiarity with Khan Academy, Newsela Pro, BrainPop and Renaissance Learning software

Teacher Compensation

Florida International School was developed by a teacher who spent 18 years in the classroom. We understand the amount of time it takes to be an effective teacher, and the hardships that come with being unfairly compensated for all the roles a teacher plays in the lives of their students. FIS does not believe in the traditional model of a salaried pay scale, nor is paying a teacher by the hour realistic, as it’s not in the teacher’s nature to “clock in” or “clock out.”

Florida International School shares the tuition and costs for each student with the teacher, paying our teachers 50% of tuition for each student enrolled in their HomeRoom. Depending on how many students a teacher commits to each year, educators can earn significantly more than working in public, private or international schools, while they work from home and facilitate the learning of each of their students.

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