Unbiased History

US History

World History

At Florida International School, we teach our students “How to Think” instead of “What to Think.”

We do not censor or cancel history because it is uncomfortable for some, as history cannot be changed.  The only thing we have the power to change is our future.

A student cannot effectively understand the valuable principles taught through Critical Race Theory without examining World History first, as students will discover that racism and slavery are evils that are not unique to whites in America, but it’s an ugly and shared human experience that we must continue to learn from in order to understand our present and prepare for our future.

We use unbiased, primary resources curated from the Smithsonian Institute to examine the truth about our collective human history. We allow our students to think critically and develop their own opinions rather than being indoctrinated or influenced by unreliable sources or voices that propagate misinformation.